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Author: myprobatecase

Is Your Estate Plan Unfinished?

13th Jan, 2023 General by

For most people, thinking about one’s own mortality is unpleasant and low on the list of priorities. While you may objectively recognize the need to plan for your future – and the future of your loved ones after you’re gone – it can be hard to summon the motivation to […]

4 Tips for Avoiding a Will or Trust Contest

23rd Dec, 2022 General by

A will or trust contest can derail your final wishes, rapidly deplete your estate, and tear your loved ones apart. But with proper planning, you can help your family avoid a potentially disastrous will or trust contest.  If you are concerned about challenges to your estate plan, consider the following: […]

Understanding Common Legal Terms That Describe Loved Ones in Estate Planning

28th Jan, 2022 Missouri Probate by

While watching a movie or reading a book about wealthy individuals and their families, you may have come across terms such as “heir,” “descendant,” and “next of kin.” Though made-for-Hollywood storylines use these terms interchangeably, words describing familial relationships have distinct definitions. Using the correct terms is critical in wills, […]